16 years old Pakistani student beat Newton

Lahore: Pakistani student Shahir Niazi has written the scientific research paper just 16 years behind and renowned scientist and expert physician Newton.

At the Private School of Lahore, A Level student, Shahir Niazi, surprised the scientists around the globe by writing a magnet on electric ceiling (Electric Honeymoon), but he has also left behind the famous scientist Newton.

Muhammad Shahir Niazi, who published the investigations related to science, engineering, and mathematics, presented his dissertation at the age of 16 only in the Royal Open Science Journal, which was published and astonished by scientists around the world.

In this same magazine, famous scientist and expert physician Isaac Newton wrote his first article, but at that time he was 17 years old.

Scientists around the world have studied that if oil falls on oil, it becomes a beetle like a honey bee, but Pakistani student Shahir Niazi has shown a new way to world scientists in his research paper and oil the temperature recorded after the fall was recorded and shown.

The Magenta Research article has been internationally evolving. On the international level of its article, Shahir Niazi says I did not think my articles would get so much appreciation but I am happy that my country’s name was bright, I further went to research in this sector.

I want to take and want to get a Nobel Prize for Pakistan, which requires hard work.


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