Best Selling Smartphone in the World – Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8, the newest addition to the flagship has become the best selling smartphone in the world, in the second quarter of 2017.

10.2 million S8 smartphones were shipped by Samsung in the second quarter of 2017, the S8+ came next with 9 million shipments and fourth spot in the market, overall.

Xiaomi continued its rising trend unsurprisingly, its Redmi 4A, the low-end smartphone became the third best-selling Android phone.

All four of the current top phones in the market fall in the ultra-high-end bracket, except for Xiaomi – proving that price sensitivity is not a factor.

Apple has a clear lead with its iPhone 7 and 7 plus flagships. 16.9 million units of the standard version had been shipped in the quarter and 15.1 million units of the Plus model. Both had 4.7 and 4 per cent market share, respectively.

Every 1 shipped phone out of 4 had been among the top ten best-selling phones. The market witnessed 360.4 million units in the quarter, up from 341.5 million units a year ago, despite of the constant Chinese market.

Samsung is leading in the global smartphone industry; the Korean company have shipped 79.5 million smartphones last quarter as compared to Apple’s 41 million.

Appe is currently facing a tough competition by Huawei which shipped 38.4 million smartphones. Oppo and Xiaomi are also rising up. However, these wouldn’t be a challenge for Apple as it has been achieving its personal best figures.

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