Fake Lara Bingle Twitter Handle Defames Imran Khan, Fans Hit Back

A fake Twitter handle of Australian super model Lara Bingle accused former cricketer and Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan of sexual harassment.

On Monday, 16 October, the fake handle of Bingle tweeted that Weinstein, according to her, is nowhere near Pakistan’s Imran Khan and that she was glad she never met Khan again.

The handle claimed that Khan sexually harassed her when she met him at a party in London in June 2013.

However, this was not Bingle’s account. She has a verified Twitter handle that goes by the name Lara Worthington. The handle has been active since August 2010 and has over one lakh followers.



Fans Call it ‘Propaganda’

Following the tweet going viral, the platform suspended the fake handle, carrying Bingle’s name. Fans and followers of Khan took to social media to allege that the tweet from the fake handle was planted by the ruling party.

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