Under-fire Sharif refuses to resign

Under-fire Sharif refuses to resign

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Cabinet meeting, chaired by beleaguered Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has flatly rejected the Panama joint investigation team (JIT)’s damning report against the Sharif family and termed the JIT findings a pack of ‘assumptions and allegations’.

Addressing the high-level meeting, the premier vowed to ‘expose’ the plot behind Panama Papers fiasco targeting his family.

The PM said: “The language used in the JIT report has a spasm of ‘dishonesty’.” He challenged his detractors, saying if they had any proofs of corruption against him and Shahbaz Sharif then they should be brought to light.

Our family has been in business since 1937, said Mr. Sharif.

He called himself ‘squeaky-clean’, and vowed he won’t resign on clamours of a ‘bunch of conspirators’.

The decision to convene the meeting of the cabinet was taken at a high-level huddle at the Prime Minister’s House yesterday (July 12), which was the third meeting since the release of the JIT report.

The ruling party once again on Wednesday declared that the premier won’t resign and will challenge the content of the report in the Supreme Court. In a tweet, PM’s daughter Mariyam Nawaz Sharif resolved, “InshAllah PM will not resign. He won’t resign because  no a single allegation of misuse of public money has been proved against him in his five- year in power.”

نہیں دیں گے انشاءاللہ ! استعفی اس لئے دیں کہ نواز شریف کے پانچوں ادوار میں ان کیخلاف ایک بھی سرکاری پیسے کی خرد برد ثابت نہیں ہو سکی؟

 Addressing a press conference, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said that some content of the Panamagate JIT report “was based on a naked bias” and categorically denied rumors that the PM will resign or step aside.
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