New face Hamid Alvi takes showbiz seriously

He is an ICT Engineer by profession, has been to almost 25 countries as a humanitarian working for an international humanitarian organization for a decade now. He has been into multi-disciplinary sports like cricket, football, basketball etc.

Hamid Alvi, is a name many of us might not heard of as yet, but he has silently been catching eyes on various TVCs recently. Hamid has been a devoted model/Actor and a fitness enthusiast. He works out daily and eats healthy food when and wherever it’s possible. Here is a small video to show his form and fitness.

Here is a recent TVC where he ventured with the big stars of the industry

His recent appearance has been appreciated by many and he has been approached for new ventures, as early as his career he has signed a Lahore based movie and is eager to work in dramas from across the country and very soon we will see him on both the screens big and small.

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