Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif media talk outside FJA After interrogate Panama JIT

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif media talk outside FJA After interrogate Panama JIT

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, following a nearly two-hour-long appearance before the Panama Papers joint investigation team (JIT) in Islamabad on Thursday, said his financial documents have been submitted to investigators probing his family’s alleged corruption.

The premier, addressing reporters outside the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) in the capital, said, “My financial documents are already available with all relevant institutions including the Supreme Court. Today, however, I submitted them to the JIT as well.”

“It should be noted that these allegations have nothing to do with my tenure as prime minister and are not charges of corruption. They are charges against me and my family on a personal level,” PM Nawaz claimed.

“I was the CM Punjab and have now been the PM for the third time. But not a single allegation of financial corruption could be brought against me,” he added.

“I have put myself and my family up for trial and provided the details of financial transactions made even before my own birth,” the prime minister said.

He added: “My opponents have levied charges of corruption against me. However, neither in the past, nor in the present, have any charges of corruption been proved against me and my family.”

“In a few days even the JIT report will come forth along with the court’s decision,” he said.

“However, people should not forget that there will also be a larger JIT next year comprising 200 million people and they will decide who has worked for the betterment of the country,” the premier said in an apparent warning to his opponents about the upcoming 2018 General Election.

“We will not let our opponents turn back the wheel of progress, and the nation will support us even more than it did in 2013,” he asserted.

“I came here today because we are all equally accountable to the institutions,” he said, adding that there is a lot more he would like to say but he would do so over the next few days.

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