SHOCKING: Report finds 12,000 Sindh Police officers involved in crimes

KARACHI: A report submitted by the Inspector-General of Sindh at the Supreme Court of Pakistan contained details of 12,000 police officers involved in corruption, Samaa reported on Tuesday. 

The Supreme Court of Pakistan was conducting a hearing pertaining to the illegal activities and the complicity of Sindh police officers in it.

Inspector-General Allah Dino Khawaja presented a report during the hearing which stated that as many as 12,000 officers of Sindh police were involved in illegal and criminal activities.

The report also recommended taking action against 66 senior officers of Sindh police. SAMAA obtained the report by IG Sindh that was submitted at the Supreme Court.

SP Thatta, SP Tando Mohammad Khan, SP Motorway and SP Private Secretary were named in the report for being corrupt, negligent in carrying out their duties or other criminal activities.

Advocate General Sindh said that only the federal government could take action against those named in the report.

The report further stated that as many as 184 officials of Sindh police of Grade 16 and lower were punished. The report recommended action against 31 officers from Grade 17 and 35 officers from Grade 18-21.

Meanwhile dismissed officers stated during the hearing that a discriminating attitude was adopted against them by the committee.

Supreme Court postponed proceedings of the case till the last week of December.

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